Rollin'pen finds its opportunity in optimizing Arabic content for the web

23 March 2015
 March 23, 2015
While Beirut has countless translators, one in particular is targeting businesses with an eye on corporate communication. “The idea is not original, but it satisfies a pressing need,” said Celine Khoury, founder of Rollin’pen. Despite the importance of marketing and sales teams, “most companies don’t even have one person in charge of producing rich and unique content” with which they can target their markets, she added. Khoury’s entry in the field comes at a time when an increasing number of websites in the Middle East are realizing the benefit of written content as a means to increase search engine visibility. Internet penetration is 35.8% in the Arab world, with 380 million people logging on, according to Internet World Stats. And while Arabic speakers are the fourth largest language group using the internet, just 3% of online content is in Arabic. Arabic digital content is crucial to MENA’s knowledge economy, which depends on high quality content. Still, finding expert copywriters and editors in Arabic isn’t easy. Rollin’pen aims to do something about it. Read more…