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10 Powerful Words to Make or Break A Sale

6 October 2015
 October 6, 2015

A short striking slogan is a strong marketing tool. A memorable advertising phrase has the ability to encourage consumers, supporters and patrons to act, buy, and donate. As we already know, words have power. So when trying to sell, it is best to use those that studies have proven work best. We have compared a number of different sites and studies to compile a list of words that have been proven to work and have shown to fail. The below list is comprised of 10 words—5 that sell and 5 that flop. Keep this list close by for the next time you’re concocting a new slogan, writing up a persuasive email or are posting on social media.

Words that Make a Sale

  1. Sale: The most reliable marketing term. After all, who doesn’t like a great deal? So many businesses use the word sale because it has the ability to motivate customers. Honestly, how many times have stopped and ventured into a store because of a big sign branding this magical four letter word?
  1. Off: Offer your clients incentives. 50$ off your next $100 purchase! 70% off all items! Such slogans peak initial interest and encourage your audience to buy. This is a great term to use in a Facebook status or tweet announcing a sale or promotion.
  1. Now: Creating a sense of immediacy and urgency are important and necessary. Ask your consumers to be in the moment. Now is a call to action that asks people to act immediately. Buy Now! Subscribe Now! Purchase Now!
  1. New: An attention-grabbing work that is effective. Who isn’t intrigued by the latest products, the most up-to-date technologies, the newest fads? After all, knowing something new and having something new has unbelievable intrinsic value. Try using it in your next email header.
  1. Your: Show your customers that you care about them. Next time you’re selling a good why not try to directly address your audience. Pronouns, like you and your, add a personal touch that help boost sales because people feel engaged.

Words that Break a Sale

  1. Hurry: Your customer should be encouraged to act fast, but this term is over-used, a little pushy and vague. Now is much more impactful!
  1. Hassle-free: Don’t associate the term hassle with your company or product though this may seem like a positive phrase. Use the term easy as an alternative.
  2. Guaranteed: Nothing is guaranteed. This word can be construed as a false promise and may come back to haunt you, so stay away. You can still back your product or service, just don’t use the term guaranteed to do so.
  3. Huge: All sales and other product events are huge. This term is actually not that descriptive. Try to be a little more specific and expressive with alternatives like: Our biggest sale of the year, or Our biggest discount ever—75% off all items.
  4. Final days to save/Limited time only: How many days left exactly? This phrase is vague and unclear. Give your customers a specific time frame on all deals, they’ll appreciate it: 75% off all items for 3 days only!

And here’s a little bonus:

* Thank you: Always show your customers and clients a little appreciation. There is no harm in being polite and expressing gratitude when necessary. Send a personalized email with every new subscription, or thank your clients with a new deal when you reach a new goal. After all, they are your bread and butter.

And with that, thank you for reading this post! We here at Rollin’pen very much appreciate your interest and are always happy to hear from our reader base regarding topics you’re interested in reading about, or any over all improvements we can make to our blog.