About Us

At Rollin’pen, we exist because we know just how important words are when communicating a message, whatever that message may be. We know that the intent behind your words matters as much as the words themselves and how hard it can be to explain that intent to your audience. We know that sometimes, you need an expert to take your copy to the next level. That’s why we work collaboratively with you to ensure that we not only correct, polish, write or translate what you want to say, but do so in line with your needs and intentions. We offer a range of editorial, writing and translation services to make sure that at the end of the process, your copy is perfectly adapted to your goals.

How We Work

Once we receive your request, the Rollin’pen teams review the information and copy provided, and choose from:
  • The level of proofreading or editing best suited to your needs,
  • The style or tone most adapted to your writing project,
  • Or the translation type that fits both the intent and cultural impact of your copy…
… before giving you a personalized quote. Then, our experts adapt their editorial style to ensure the revised copy is in line with your needs, and in tune with your intentions.

Who We Are

We’re experts. Each one of our editors specializes in one or more editorial discipline, and they all work in their native languages—French, English or Arabic—so you can rest assured the final product they supply is perfectly adapted to your requirements. Drawn from all walks of life, our editors have been exposed to myriad styles and industries, allowing them to adapt to each client’s needs quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money in ensuring you get the right message across, with the right words, every time.